The City Group of Companies was founded in 1973 by
Ram Sewpersad who started an Accounting Practice in
Port Shepstone. He was joined by his brother, Prem Sewparsad and together they established a prominent Accounting Practice, City Bookkeepers in Port Shepstone.

In 1977, they decided to expand the business to include Insurance Broking and City Finance and Insurance Brokers was established.



  • Long Term
  • Short Term
  • Medical Aid
Shamain Naidoo

Prem Sewparsad

Stanford Nyawo
Lallie Sewparsad
In 1980 Lallie Sewparsad joined the Group and it was at this time that they decided to expand the business to include Property Broking and purchased their first Commercial Property in the CDB of Port Shepstone. This led to the formation of Trustprop Holdings . As a result of the success of the Bookkeeping Practice and the efficient running of the Insurance and Property Divisions by Prem and Lallie Sewparsad, Ram decided to pursue a career in law and set up a Law Practice.

Having successfully set up the key areas of business, there was only room for expansion as the Bookkeeping and Insurance clientele increased and further properties were purchased.

Today the Company boasts one of the largest clientele on the Lower South Coast together with numerous properties.

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